X3 and Defender Locker Kit

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The HALO locker for your Can Am X3 and Defender. Utilizes a push button actuated, electronically shifted pin style locker. The X3 and Defender locker both use a 4 pin design for maximum strength and efficiency. The kit also includes a half billet case, a billet motor mount, a chromoly rockwell hardened internal locking gear, and 4140 chromoly components. You will also receive 2 stainless shims to shim your spider gears properly inside the differential.

This kit is complete, no other components needed to be installed.

Don't forget: we offer gated shifters and knobs that accommodate the locker beautifully.

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Note: If you have the Can-Am X3 XDS model you must modify the A arm by moving the crossbar 4 inches back from stock position.

We offer a 4 year limited warranty on any do-it-yourself Halo products and kits.

This kit is complete, no other components needed to be installed.

Videos (6)

Defender Differential Demo
Defender Climbs a Tree
Defender in Action
Defender Differential Lock
x3 Deffender Installation, Part 1
x3 Deffender Installation, Part 2

2 reviews for X3 and Defender Locker Kit

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jake Moorhead

    This product is literally indistructable. I recently scheared my stock spider carrier (now upgrading to the HALO carrier), when it sheared, my differential exploded. The ONLY parts of the diff that was usable afterwards was the HALO components. Not a single scratch on any of it. These are hands down the best products for the X3/Defender on the market

  2. Thomas

    Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 3i2k9

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