Billet Half Case/ Pinion Side

$750.00plus shipping

If you are already running an X3/Defender Halo Locker and would like to have a complete billet case here is the remaining piece you need. You may also purchase this piece and later add the rest of the case if you are just wanting to buy it a piece at a time. If you have ever experienced a broken differential case you can upgrade to this part as well. No only thicker but made from superior billet material see comparison picture. It is NOT EXCLUSIVE for a Halo Locker.

Price listed is for CASE ONLY! This means that the pinion gear is not included. Axle bearing and seal will be installed and pinion bearing and seal will be sent with the case.

Limited lifetime warranty on cases. The reason this said (limited)if something breaks in your differential causing collateral damage warranty is subject to discretion. If the case simply fails breaks or cracks with it’s warrantied no questions ask.

In Stock!

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