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Billet Half Case/ Pinion Side

If you are already running an X3/Defender Halo Locker and would like to have a complete billet case here is the remaining piece you need. You may also purchase this piece and later add the rest of the case if you are just wanting to buy it a piece at a time. If you have ever experienced a broken differential case you can upgrade to this part as well. No only thicker but made from superior billet material see comparison picture. It is NOT EXCLUSIVE for a Halo Locker.

Price listed is for CASE ONLY! This means that the pinion gear is not included. Axle bearing and seal will be installed and pinion bearing and seal will be sent with the case.

Limited lifetime warranty on cases. The reason this said (limited)if something breaks in your differential causing collateral damage warranty is subject to discretion. If the case simply fails breaks or cracks with it’s warrantied no questions ask.

Complete X3/Defender Differential using OEM diff

This is a complete factory drop in differential with the Halo X3/Defender locker kit installed and ready to go.  It comes with everything you need (except gear oil) and will be ready to be installed in your machine.

4 year warranty on Halo manufactured parts

Full Billet Differential Case

This is a full billet case for X3/Defender models. Can be used with or without a Halo Locker. If you already have a Halo this can be an upgrade for you by simply purchasing the pinion side of the case.

This is a raw case. Your internal differential carrier and pinion gear will need to be swapped over into this housing.

Limited lifetime warranty

Halo 30 hybrid locker for O.G. Maverick

This is the hybrid Locker set up specifically for the Can-Am Maverick O.G. body style. Not the X3.. this Locker kit also utilizes our halo 30 33 spline forged spider gears.. for the absolute ultimate and strength and performance.. This kit will require the use of Halo 30 33 spline axles.. current offerings are both […]

Halo locker Full Billet Case with Chromoly Carrier

This is the best that we offer for stock axle size visco lock. This differential is bolt in ready. It is complete billet and chromoly components. The included components are as follows:

  •  Our chromoly six gear carrier.
  • Complete billet case
  • Half shaft update kit
  • and a Patented Halo Locker

This product has been tested in the Baja 1000. Made it through the complete race with no issues.

Although this differential would be stronger then a factory Smart Lock. the smart Lock unit, uses larger axles then this particular setup we offer. It is not recommended by us to use this as an upgrade! please see the Halo 30 archangel for that upgrade . .

Polaris RZR Electronic Sway Bar Disconnect

This is an electronic sway bar disconnect. have the ultimate variety, of flex for hill climbing and rock crawling. with the simple flip of a button be able to do high speed cornering. The sway bar offers The Best of both worlds with a simple button push… If you have a rzr 1000 the bushings […]

Racer X Full Differential for stock axles

This product is our chromoly six gear carrier and billet case. Comes complete with gears and ready to install in your machine. This setup is directed more towards the racing scene. This product does not have any locking mechanisms. It is a true open differential. Makes for easy steering in 4wd.

Warranty on this differential is 1year!
Anything Halo Locker makes we will warranty we do not make the ring and pinion in this differential..

X3 Electronic Disconnecting Sway Bar

This is an electronic disconnecting sway bar for a Can Am X3. Both 64&72 wide. You can disconnect your sway bar with a push of a button. Want to ride fast what’s a corner like you’re on rails simply lock the sway bar want to climb a hill and have ultimate flex an articulation? Simply unlock the sway bar with the push of a button.

The sway bar has three settings built into the sway bar link holes, one is a stock setting (middle hole), one is slightly tighter (forward hole) and one slightly looser (rear hole) allowing for the perfect tune for your riding style.

Please note:

Please watch sway bar install video on site.. for anti roll bracket or zip tie..

X3 Power Steering Kit

This is an aftermarket power steering unit by EPowerSteering


  • Rebuilt EPS unit
  • Steering ECU
  • EPS Controller and harness
  • 60 Amp fuse
  • Output U-Joint 16.5mm-36 to 5/8″ smooth
  • Input U-Joint 3/4″-36 to 5/8″ smooth
  • Powder coated bracket. Fits 2017-18 CanAm Maverick X3 (excluding Smart-Lok front differential)
  • Misc bolts and washers (Not shown in picture)
  • Wiring instructions